Which is the best way to start a new boat in Vermont?

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The best way for someone to get started in a new hobby or business is to have a good start.

A boatyard in southeastern Vermont that specializes in building new boats and parts for boats, is one of the places to start.

Owner Mark Gough says the business has built several boats and sold them for millions.

Gough says he’s always had a passion for boats.

“I’ve always been into boats,” he said.

When he was growing up, Gough used to go to his father’s boatyard to make his first boat.

Now he works with a boat builder and sells parts and accessories for his own boat.

He also works with other people in the hobby.

“It’s a business,” he explained.

The Gough family is a small boatyard that started out in the 1880s.

Owner Gough said the boatyard started out making small boats and later made bigger boats.

“I was just kind of thinking about a hobby, a business that I was trying to make a living off,” he recalled.

His first boat was a small two-person boat with a wooden hull and a canvas deck.

It had no power or sails.

He built a new one and it became a three-person, wooden sailing boat.

Gough is the owner of the Vaughn Boats & Rides, which has been in business for 50 years.

Vaughn Boats owner Joe Vaughn said the family started the business in 1971.

Joe Vaughn said his family started out with just a boatyard.

This boatyard is where he started out, Vaughn Boaters said.

Joe Vaughn says it started off making boats, not a business.

We’re just doing it because we love it, Vaughn said. 

Vaughnn Boats has more than 50 boats on the boat list.

They also make fishing equipment and other boat parts, including a trailer and trailer parts, the boat maker said.

“They’re not doing it just to make money, they’re doing it to make people happy and to help them make a better life,” Vaughn said of the boats. 

The boatyard was once a popular spot for locals to come out and hang out.

But the building boom of the 1980s and 1990s caused a decline in boat rentals.

Vaughns boat is now gone, replaced by a large building.

Many of the boat dealerships are now vacant and no longer in business.

Gould is working on getting the business back online.

I think that the new owners of Vaughn Boets & Rises have done a great job,” he added.