How to tell the difference between a Phoenician and a Phoebe

A boatyard in Nanaimo, British Columbia, has been selling its boats to tourists for decades, and it’s no surprise they’re often a bit older than the ones you see in the advertisements.Phoenicians were used to fishing from boats, but they were never quite as versatile as today’s boats.They were built from wooden frame and made […]

Why Dolphins won’t build their own boatyard

The Dolphins will build their boatyard at Miami Beach.And they won’t buy the space.Instead, they’ll take advantage of what’s available.The Dolphins will buy the property for $2.8 million, a deal that will net the team $1.5 million in incentives and tax credits.And that’s just the beginning of the money the team is getting for the […]

How to get a custom boat for GTAV, GTA5, and the Rockstar games

It’s been a while since we’ve had a GTA 5 boat dock customisation guide, but Rockstar has confirmed it will be coming to the GTA Online game.It’s not entirely clear what will happen to the customisation options and the number of boats, but it’s expected that there will be plenty to choose from.“The GTA5 customisation […]

Richardson’s boatyard job opens at New York Islanders

New York (AP) The New York Islander hockey team announced Tuesday that it is hiring an experienced and skilled boat yard to assist with the development of its newest, most powerful, and most expensive boat, the Richard’s Boat Yard.The Nassau County (N.Y.) district attorney’s office has been investigating the Nassau-born Richard’s boat, which was built […]

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