Bristol shipyard to build $200M dock and other equipment

Bristols shipyard will build two new docks at Millport, South Carolina, according to a statement issued by the shipyard on Tuesday.

The company will build a large concrete dock that will accommodate several thousand people and a dock and a terminal for a container terminal that will be able to handle 50,000 barrels of liquid cargo.

The barges, the company said, will be delivered in 2019.

The two new ships are part of the South Carolina shipyard’s new plan to increase its capacity to handle cargo for the U.S. and overseas.

The new barges will be manufactured in China by China Shipbuilding Corporation.

The Millport dock is designed to accommodate about 300,000 tons of cargo a year, according the statement.

“Our mission is to provide a seamless transition for shipyard workers to the new shipyard facility at Millports and the state of South Carolina,” South Carolina Gov.

Henry McMaster said in the statement, adding that the new ships will increase the value of the state’s economy.