How to avoid being left with a broken boat at sea

When you’re left with your boat at the beach after the holiday, you may not be able to get it repaired.

But you can still get some compensation from the owner of the boat, and a court will determine if the owner owes you back the boat.

The Australian Maritime Museum is asking for $3,500 from the owners of two boats which were found abandoned at sea.

“I’m not saying they’re gone, but I’m saying that they’re lost and that they need to be recovered from the sea,” said Lisa Hutton, the museum’s executive director.

One of the two boats was found in a remote area off the Gold Coast.

She said it was difficult to determine the owner and her boat was likely to have been towed by someone, possibly a man, for the weekend.

“We’re not sure how it got here.

We don’t know what kind of boat it was or how long it has been there,” she said.”

But we’re not ruling out it was taken there by someone.”

The other one is a boat that was found a week or so after the one that we found and we haven’t been able to locate it since.

“The boat found at sea off the coast of Southport on November 22.

It’s been towed to the Australian Maritime Archaeology Museum in the hope it can be returned to its owner.

However, the owners have not been able, or unwilling, to pay for repairs to their boats.”

When it comes to boats, there are a number of things that the public don’t want to be involved in,” Ms Hutton said.

You may be able claim compensation if the boat was towed by an unknown person.

If you don’t get compensation, it’s not your fault if the water is too cold and the boat sinks.

A $1,000 reward is available if you can provide a picture of the vessel, as well as a photo or description of the owner or boat.

Anyone who sees a boat at ocean is urged to call the Australian Red Cross at 1800 462 477.

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