How to Save Your Barge’s Damaged Paint from Hurricane Florence

A salvage yard in the Caribbean has been inundated with Hurricane Florence paint.

The boatyard’s owner, Alvaro Gómez, is calling for the federal government to provide the boatyard with the needed repairs to help restore its value.

“The boatyard is already suffering.

The paint is damaged and it is already sinking,” Gómeso told Newsweek.

“The damage is not only physical, but also emotional.”

The paint will need to be removed from the vessel.

It’s currently sitting at the bottom of the bay, where it’s been submerged for at least eight days.

Gómaso told NBC News that the boat was being towed to a dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after the dock’s owner contacted the boat’s owner and requested the repair.

“It’s the only place they can go, because we are not able to find a place for them,” Gomba said.

“They are using a private contractor to do the repairs.

The private contractor will have to pay for them.

They are going to need to pay.”

The damage to the boatyards paint is caused by Hurricane Florence.

It took three days to arrive in San Diego, but Gombas boatyard did not get the paint to its destination.

“This is the first time that a hurricane hit Puerto Rico.

The damage that we are facing is the third time in a month,” Gomera said.

He said the damage to his paint and boatyard will take about a week to repair.

“It will take time.

But it will be done.”

Gombes boatyard and boat repair will be completed by November, according to Gomers website.

The cost to repair the damage is estimated at $1.4 million, Gomés boatyard said. 

In October, Gombias boatyards owners posted on Facebook that they were on their way to a “good work site” to salvage some paint that had been sitting in a garage.

They also posted photos of the damaged paint that the boats owners had removed from their boats.

But the boats remained damaged and their owners did not pick up the paint until November.

The owners said they would take photos of their boats when they arrived at the site.

The posts were deleted shortly thereafter, according a post by Alvaros Facebook page. 

 The owners of Alvaroes boatyard told NBC 7 that they are working with a contractor to salvage paint from the boat yard.

“We are looking to salvage this paint, it will cost about $1,500, and we will have the paint repaired in two weeks,” the owners wrote. 

The owner of Alveras boat yard told NBC that he has not yet been able to receive any assistance from the federal governments department of commerce to get the damaged painting repaired. 

“They don’t even have a place to send the paint, so it will take us a while to get it,” Alveres owner said.