How to sell your boats in the UAE

The UAE’s official yacht sale website has been flooded with online sales, with people selling their boats for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The official UAE website for the “Maritime Sale” was flooded with new listings Wednesday for boats that can be bought online.

The listing page says the sale is only available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

It has been closed since April 30.

The website also says there are “some restrictions” with the boats that have been sold, including a cap of 200 per day.

The official website for a “Marine Club Sale” for boats with a capacity of more than 3,000 people says the boats can be sold for a fee of 200,000 dirhams ($7,900).

It says the prices for the boats range from 250,000 to 500,000.

The official website has listed boats that are sold as part of the sale, and many of the boats are on sale for hundreds or thousands of dirham ($1,300).

The official “Mariners Club Sale Sale” website says the ships are only available for “Marines, Sailors and Crew.”

It says the boat owners will receive a certificate that proves their ownership and that the boat has been in service for at least four years.

The sale also offers a “Certificate of Ownership,” the official UAE site says.