What You Need To Know About The Windsor Boat Yard’s ‘Walker’ Boat

With a windmill and an electric boatyard, the Windsor Boatyard has been around for almost a century.

But for years, its name has been a mystery, until now.

In an exclusive new documentary, “Walker,” MTV News takes a closer look at the town’s most infamous boatyard and the people who run it.

Watch the trailer above.

Watch more from MTV News below:The Windsor Boatyards “Walkers” are named after two of the Town’s most iconic residents: The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes and Walking Dead: Season 5’s Rick, and The Walking Night’s Nick and the Fatale’s Maggie.

“Rick and Maggie are walking and they can walk, and Rick can walk and Maggie can walk,” owner and former owner Michael Holmgren told MTV News.

“But the boatyard is really, really, very, very large.

And you can’t really walk in it.

The windmill is very large, and it takes a lot of power.

And it’s really big.”

Watch more “Walky” from MTVNews:What you need to know about the Windsor boatyardThe Windsor boatyards is the only facility in the United States that uses electricity for boats and engines, and the majority of the water used to run the turbines comes from the Town of Windsor.

But the town has also invested millions in water treatment plants, water filtration and waste management, and is currently building a massive water-treatment plant to treat its wastewater.

Watch a video of “Walk-er” below:When asked why the name “Walked” was chosen, Holmgre said, “The thing about Walkers is, you see them walking.

And then you see the windmill.

And that’s what you think about.

And, you know, we always liked ‘Walkers.’

But they’re not walking.”

Watch the “Walk” trailer below:What do you think of “Walking” and “Walk?”

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The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes, and Walking Night premieres Friday, October 5 at 10 p.m.


Watch the trailer for “WALKER” below.