Glades Boat Yard’s Glades Beach has reopened after being closed for a year due to a water main break

Posted September 28, 2018 08:07:37A glades boatyard was shut down at about 8:00pm on Saturday when a watermain broke, causing flooding to the site.

Greens senator, Luke Metcalfe said it was a huge loss for the community.

“It’s not just for the residents who were impacted by the watermain break, it’s for the entire community that is still in need of emergency services and it’s a loss for all of us in this community,” he said.

“I’m heartbroken that this has happened.

It’s a massive loss for our community and we’ll have to rebuild in a very short period of time.”

The damage to the property is very severe, the water and the power lines have all been damaged.

“The incident occurred after a water tank broke in the yard and caused a water breach, causing the water main to break and the water to flow through the roof of the building.”

At this point, we are in the process of removing the water tank and installing a new water tank.

We’ll have the new water tanks out on Sunday morning,” Mr Metcafe said.

Mr Metcalef said it had been the worst flood event to occur in Queensland’s history.”

There was a big splash of water when it broke, there were water mains down the street, there was debris on the ground, there’s power lines down the road and there’s a whole range of water mounds that were on the street,” he added.”

Water was being thrown everywhere.

We’ve got a big flood that we’ve had to deal with.

“The main is expected to be repaired on Sunday.GWS Water Services spokeswoman Nicole Williams said watermain breaks were rare but not uncommon in the state.”

This is not unusual in the water system, it is a situation that we would be prepared for if it occurred,” she said.GCSB spokesman Scott Jones said a full assessment was underway to determine what had caused the main to fail.”

We’ve got an investigation underway with the GCSB into the cause of the main break and if we need to go to the court to get a court order to prevent the water from continuing to flow, that’s another thing that we’re doing at the moment,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

Our water systems are inspected at least once a year and we have our own contingency plan that is being considered.

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