‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: Pools of gold in Australia’s backyard

Pools, lakes and rivers are overflowing in Victoria, but some are being held back from the public because of the flood risk.

In a dramatic turnaround from last year’s flood disaster, Victoria has seen a raft of boats go down and hundreds of boats rescued from the rivers, streams and seas, with the number of vessels on the river being raised by more than 50 per cent.

A boat yard is a building used for building boats.

Photo: ABC News “It’s just been a fantastic recovery from what we saw last year,” Victoria Coastal Commissioner Tim Bonten said.

He said more than 500 people had been rescued from boats in the floodwaters in the state since the flood disaster.

Mr Bonton said there had been a significant increase in the number and type of vessels involved in the rescue operation.

“I’ve been through the waters a lot, so I’ve seen a lot of boats in a lot more places than last year, which I think is fantastic,” he said.

The Government has set aside $500,000 for the operation of boats and boatsheds in the wake of the disaster.

It has also increased the number, and type, of boats allowed in the Great Barrier Reef National Park.

“We have been inundated by vessels, so there are some significant vessels on this particular site and we are working closely with Victoria Police to make sure that they have a presence around that site,” Mr Bontonton told ABC News Breakfast.

Victoria Police chief commissioner David Hurley said boats were being diverted away from the main area of the park and boats were now being used to rescue other vessels from the river, which flows through the park.

But Mr Hurley acknowledged that the boats on the Great Bay were not safe.

“It’s the waters, not the boats,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“If you get a vessel on the beach, the boats are not safe, because they have the potential of colliding with something.”

I don’t want to get into a boat-related situation, but boats are being diverted to that area.

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