The $100,000 yacht is a replica

A replica of a boat from the classic movie, “A Fish Called Wanda,” was unveiled at a Dereckor boat yard in the Bahamas, the Bahamas National Parks and Tourism Agency said Monday.

The $100-million boat, named “A Whale Named Jack,” is a nod to the movie that was filmed on the Bahamas’ waters.

It’s named after the whale that first appeared in the movie.

The replica was unveiled Saturday by President John G. Derecks administration and will be on display until Dec. 18, 2018.

Derecks also unveiled a $50,000 replica of the same boat from his administration.

A similar replica was also unveiled last month in the National Aquarium in Washington.

The agency said it was the first replica of an iconic ship to be unveiled in the U.S. since the U-2 spy plane was dismantled in 2010.

It will be the first boat of its kind to be displayed in the Derekor facility, which is in the waters off St. Thomas.

The Dereks administration has a history of taking care of the environment.

The island nation of Dominica and its capital, Port St. John, have made significant progress in cleaning up its environment since 2010, when the U,2 crashed into a rock.

The debris of the aircraft has been removed from the island.

In the last decade, Derecks administration have helped tackle a host of environmental issues including deforestation and the dumping of toxic chemicals into the ocean.

In 2014, the island received the first award in the environmental protection category by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.