What to do if you see a black car on the side of the road in the alvechurch area

The black Nissan Rogue with a blue paint job and a black roofline is the subject of a new report.

A number of people have been injured in a crash on the A4 between Aveshurst and Haines and a number of cars have been damaged.

The black Rogue is the first car involved in the collision.

“It’s just a shame this has happened and that we’re still waiting for the police to do anything about it,” one motorist wrote on Twitter.

“No one needs a car that’s black and has a blue roofline on it.”

The driver of the black Nissan, a 23-year-old man, has been charged with dangerous driving and has been remanded in custody.

The crash happened at about 5pm local time.

“There was no traffic at all, there was no accident whatsoever,” police officer Dave Wilson said.

“People were getting out of the way of cars and vehicles were coming towards each other.

The driver was trying to get out of his lane.”

Police said they received several calls from the public and police had received many reports of people being injured in the crash.

A woman in her 50s, who did not wish to be named, said she was crossing the Aveshires bridge in Hainys at about 4.30pm on Monday when the car she was in came into her path and struck a number in the road.

“I was crossing and I looked and there was a car behind me,” she said.

The woman said the car had black paintwork and a red roofline.

He tried to keep the car away from the road and tried to get to the other side. “

The driver of that car was trying hard to avoid hitting anyone.

The woman added: “He said to me, ‘Get out of my lane, don’t try to pass me’. “

He was obviously trying not to hit anyone, I just saw it hit me.”

The car was damaged but the driver of another car was unhurt. “

Then he got out of that vehicle and got out on the pavement, he got down on his knees, he was holding on to the back of the car.”

The car was damaged but the driver of another car was unhurt.

The Aveshire Police collision unit said it was investigating the collision as a “road-rage incident”.

The crash is a reminder of how roads can be dangerous.

The NSW Police Roads Policing Group said it had received more than 50 calls for help since Monday and there were plans to increase patrols in the area.

It said there was concern for the safety of road users and the wider community.

“We would encourage anyone who is concerned about a road safety issue or a collision or is a witness to an incident to call the Crime Stoppers toll free 1800 333 000,” a spokeswoman said.