What to expect when you get to the Markel’s Boat Yard in Newport News

A small boatyard located in Newport, Virginia, has been serving local boaters for nearly 70 years.

The Markels are a family owned and operated business that has operated in Newport for over 50 years.

The Markel family started in Newport in the 1960s and has been owned by Markel and his brother Markel Jr. since 1971.

Markel has always been passionate about boats and boatsmanship.

Markel and wife, Debbie, have been building boats for over 30 years, including a boat that is now on display at the Markels Boatyard in Newport.

“It’s been a family business since the beginning.

My dad, my brother, my mother, they all built boats and they all wanted to share that with us,” said Debbie Markel.

“I think the thing about this company is, it’s like family and they’re really going to share it.”

Markel’s is a small business, so we don’t have a lot of people on staff, so I think the staff and the owner are going to do a great job, which is why I think people are excited about this,” Debbie said.

Markell’s boatyard is located at 1301 Markel Road in Newport on the eastern shore of Newport.

The boatyard has a boatyard sign on the front of the building, and it has a small wooden boatyard boatyard trailer parked outside.

Debbie says they’ll be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Markels boatyard, located at 1307 Markel Highway in Newport was founded in 1966.

The family was part of a group of boatyard owners that owned Newport’s largest commercial boatyard.

The owners had to sell the property and relocate to Virginia because the property was not fit for the family.

The company was re-opened in the 1970s.

Markels boats are one of the first and most recognizable of all the boats on the market.

The boats have become the go-to boat for many celebrities, celebrities, politicians, and other famous people.

Marinkos boats are also very popular, especially among the children.

The marinkos have become a popular sight at the Newport Boat Show.

The boatyard was recently featured in the popular TV show “Big Little Lies” where they were seen on the boat.

Marikas newest addition to the Newport waterfront was recently on display for the first time in its long history.

It was also a part of the Newport Aquarium, which was on display until the beginning of August.

The Newport Aquaria is a state-of-the-art aquarium that features a huge variety of fish, a variety of invertebrates, and a massive fish pond that holds nearly 10,000 fish.

The Aquarium is part of an international partnership between Newport News and the Marine Aquarium of Rhode Island, which also houses the Rhode Island Aquarium.

The aquarium also has a beautiful collection of sea life and live animals, including sea otters, dolphins, turtles, and sea lions.

The aquarium was originally built in 1966 to accommodate the Newport Beach Zoo, and in 2016 the Newport aquarium closed for renovations.