What you need to know about the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton

With only days left before Election Day, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee and a favorite to win the White House in November.

But there are plenty of questions to be answered before Election day: Who will be the next president?

Will the party nominate its own candidate, or will the Democratic National Committee choose the winner?

And will the candidates continue their feud over the death of former FBI Director James Comey?

Clinton is the prohibitive favourite, with almost a third of likely voters choosing her as their choice in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday.

But it remains to be seen how the party will choose its presidential nominee in the final weeks before the election, especially since Trump and his supporters are calling for the party to abandon him.

A new poll by ABC News and The Associated Press has the Democratic nominee leading Trump by seven percentage points among likely voters.

The poll shows her leading him by seven points among all adults under 45.

The poll also shows Clinton ahead among Democrats under 45 with 45 percent support, while Trump is up six points with 45 and three points among voters 55 and older.

In an effort to keep the party focused on the election campaign, the party’s national chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has announced that the party would select its nominee by convention.

But the Democratic race has become increasingly heated in recent weeks, with Trump and others questioning the impartiality of the FBI director and the former FBI chief’s handling of the Clinton investigation.

The latest controversy came on Sunday when a video emerged of Trump berating Comey for his handling of an investigation into former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump has also been criticized for his treatment of the widow of a fallen soldier, whose husband died while on duty in Afghanistan.

He recently claimed he did not ask her husband’s widow if he could have been killed, but said he did.

Trump also has been under fire for his response to the deadly terror attack in Paris last week, when he suggested that the terror attack was caused by a video.