When a boatyard loses its storage space

By Chris KennedyThe picturesque harbour of Norfolk, Norfolk, is the most picturesque spot on the Norfolk island of Norfolk, but the only place you’ll find a boat yard is in the back of a boat.

It was there that the former boatyard of Sikes Marine Storage was taken over by Sikes.

Sikes has been running the business in the town since 1974 and is now a division of the Norwegian Government.

But the company that owns the boatyard is the same one that took over Sikes when it was bought out in 2006.

Sønnes current boatyard director, Lars Sønstølby, said that the loss of storage space was a very sad day for Norfolk and the surrounding area.

The old Sikes boatyard on the harbour side is still there, but its a very big and very important piece of the harbour that is not in use anymore, he said.

The boatyard also has the old storage containers, which are used by the people in Norfolk as well as the Norwegians, he added.

It is very important for the local community, particularly the people who live in the neighbourhood and the people that live in nearby communities, that the storage facilities stay in good condition and that they are accessible, he told NRK News.

Sæns owner, Lars Jonsson, said he was very sad to lose the storage and that it is not a good feeling.

Norfolk’s new boatyard, which has just opened, will use the old containers as well. The old Søns container will be used for storage and the new Sønes container will serve as the new storage, he explained.

The Norwegs new boat yard will be the first new construction for the town for two decades, Sønennes told NRk News.

The company is now seeking investors, but it is looking for a project to provide an office and a training centre for people working in the local boating industry.