Which Waukesha County boatyard is best?

Waukegan Boatyard owner and local boater Tom Zalewski said he was thrilled when the Wauwatosa River Boat Association (WRBA) offered to buy his business in late July.

WRBA is a local boating group, which is owned and operated by the Chicago River Boat League, which helps to raise funds for the WRBA.

Zalowski said the WRBCA wanted to make sure that he and his crew would continue to operate in the same facility.

But the WRBLA announced earlier this month that it was closing the facility due to financial concerns.

“I am really looking forward to the future of this facility,” Zalzyk said.

“They’ve been very supportive.

They’ve helped me out a lot.

The owner is a good guy.

The WRBA was really a wonderful group of guys.

It’s got great facilities. “

It’s a great building.

It’s got great facilities.

We have an awesome team here.

They had a great deal of support from the community.”

The WRBLABA said the decision to close the facility was the result of “the financial strain” the WRBBA and WRBA’s parent organization, the Chicago Boat League (CBBL), are experiencing.

The CBBL, which Zalkowski says is still a supporter of the boatyard, is currently facing an audit of the WRBNA’s financial information and its ability to operate.

“We’re in the process of finding a new location, and we have to figure out what that new location will be,” Zolewski said.

WRBBLA officials declined to comment on the WRBUA’s decision to leave.

The organization is in the midst of a $100,000 fundraising campaign to get its finances in order.

The Waupaca Boatyard’s owner, Jim Mancuso, said he has been in contact with the WRBEA and CBBL about the closure.

He said he hopes that WRBURA’s closing will allow him to continue to sell his boats and have them available to the community.

Mancoso has already started selling his boats on the local community.

He has already received calls from people wanting to buy them.

“The people that want to buy my boats, they have to go to the CBBL and get an ID,” he said.

The new owner of the Waunakee Boatyard said he’s hoping the new location for the boats will be up and running in time for the next summer.

“Our focus is on being able to put boats up, and hopefully we can get this done in time,” Mancaso said.

In addition to the WRBRA and WRBBO, WRBA and CBBBL are also planning to host a fundraiser on Sunday, August 25 at the boat yard.

Mankato resident Jennifer Tait will be on hand to answer questions about the closing and the WRBOA’s plans for the new boatyard.

“When we first learned about the WR BUA’s closure, we all knew that there would be some financial strain that was going to impact the WRBB and CBBUA,” said Tait, who owns a boat shop in Mankatonia.

I think it’s going to really help us in the future.” “

This is going to be the next step for the boatyards and for the community and I’m really excited about it.

I think it’s going to really help us in the future.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.