Beaton Boat Yard is now a home to a new home

Posted January 12, 2019 12:24:01Newhaven, New Hampshire is home to Beaton Boats, a boatyard in a remote area of the state known for its rocky beaches and blue skies. 

A new home for Beaton’s new home on the coast is the former home of a local boat owner. 

The former home was purchased in 2017 by Kevin Dickson, who owns 

Kevin told us he was looking for a place to move to and decided to rent it out to a family that owned the home in the 1970s. 

“The people who live there were just like, ‘Oh, we’d love to move in,'” Kevin told us. 

Since then, Kevin has lived in the house for about eight years and it’s become a family hangout. 

“[The house] has been pretty awesome.

I’m very excited to be moving in,” Kevin said. 

Now, Kevin and his family have found a place that will fit their needs. 

They bought the home, which is located in the town of Beaton, just a short drive from the beach. 

This is a first for Beaten, and it makes for a good start for the company. 

While Kevin and the family are thrilled to have a home that’s close to the beach, they don’t think it’s a good fit for everyone. 

There are a number of restrictions that come with being a property owner in New Hampshire. 

In order to get a home permit, you must own at least one home, and the owners are required to live in their home for the duration of the permit. 

It’s not unusual for some of these restrictions to be waived, so Kevin said that if you have a house in New England, you’re not required to be a property or home owner.

Kevin told Buzzfeed that this is something that he’s excited about, and he plans on living in his new home. 

After the family moved into the house, Kevin noticed something else: the smell of the sea. 

He said he found this to be something unique to New Hampshire, which he said is a good thing. 

As Kevin and others began to discover that the home was in need of a makeover, they decided to make the decision to buy the house and turn it into a family home.

Kevin said he thought it would be a good opportunity to give back to the community that’s been so supportive of him and his company.

Kevin told Buzzwagon he was hoping to give his son a home in his former home and he was excited to find a new family to call home.

“I thought it was a great idea to bring the home to the local community,” Kevin told BuzzFeed. 

And the new home looks great. 

When we asked Kevin what he thought of the new house, he said it was an amazing addition to the town. 

For Kevin, the home is his new place to live. 

But there’s one thing that he doesn’t think is a great fit. 

 Kevin said the boat yard isn’t exactly a family-friendly place. 

So Kevin and friends decided to donate the space to a nonprofit called Save Newhaven Boat Yard. 

That nonprofit is planning to donate about $3,000 to help pay for the purchase of the boat shed. 

At the moment, the boatyard is in a holding pattern. 

Currently, there are a few options for donors to help the nonprofit cover their costs. 

If they donate through Paypal, they can give $3 for each boat that’s needed to be cleaned and repainted. 

Alternatively, they could donate through the charity’s GoFundMe page, which has raised nearly $1,600 so far. 

These donations help cover the cost of the $3K needed to clean the boat, and to purchase the boat. 

However, there’s no guarantee that all of the funds raised will be used for this project. 

We asked Kevin to tell us what his favorite part of the donation was. 

I think it was getting to know the people that live there.

I just think that it was kind of a good experience to go through a different time,” Kevin explained. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about Beaton and the new location? 

We’ll keep you posted. 

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