Boats in the Great Lakes will be coming to Guilford’s Boatyard

The Great Lakes and Great Lakes Naval Shipyard (GLCMS) will be the site of a massive shipbuilding project, which will transform the location of some of its biggest vessels.

In a statement to Ars Technic, the Guilfords Boatyard said the new shipyard, which is slated to open in 2021, will “add a significant new capability to our shipbuilding operation and provide an opportunity to develop the new, smaller and more efficient Boatsports Industry.”

The new facility will house a wide range of industrial equipment, including ships, hulls, engines, and a large number of ship-based turbines.

According to the announcement, “the new facility also includes the largest floating crane in the world.”

The announcement comes amid a boom in shipbuilding in the region, as a variety of industrial shipyards and shipyards from around the world have announced plans for major construction projects in the past few years.

The Boatsport Industry Coalition estimates that a major shipbuilding program could generate up to $1.7 billion in annual economic activity in the U.S. The Guilffords Boathouse announced that the new facility would also “re-energize the U-boat and submarine industries by bringing them back to the forefront of their production and modernization.”