Boatyard jobs are booming in London

LONDON — Boatyard workers in London are earning as much as $1 million a year, and a major new company has just secured a contract to supply them with more boats.

LONDON, England — Boat yard workers in the city are earning at least $1.6 million a season — more than double the $1,000 a week average for the sector — and a big new company is poised to secure a contract with a boatyard in the capital to supply its staff.

The firm is now eyeing an extension of the contract to 2022, and has already secured a three-year deal to supply the workforce of around 1,000 boats.

The move comes as the UK’s capital is becoming increasingly attractive for international boatyards to expand their workforces.

The London Boatyards, which are backed by the London Boat Trust, are the biggest employers in the borough.

It is estimated that around 300 boats will be built in the next decade, with up to 1,500 boats per year shipped across the Channel to be delivered to the capital.

LBC, which has around 2,000 employees, is in talks with three other large boatyard companies to help with the new contract.

It has already signed contracts with the likes of Pinnacle Boatworks, which employs around 1.6, and Royal Lendlease, which builds boats for the Royal Navy.

LGB has also signed contracts to build boats for HM Naval Academy.

LMB has a strong history of supporting its workforce.

The company has built a fleet of boats in the past for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations.

The Queen has been invited to participate in the celebrations.

In 2012, LMB was the first boatyard to receive an extension to its contract with the government.

This year, LBC has secured a new contract with HMS America, the largest private boatyard, to build its fleet of 250 vessels, with the aim of producing up to 500 vessels a year.