Historic Douglas Stech Boat Yard Abandoned, Now Abandoned and Empty

Abandoned boat yards have been a frequent haunt of derelict boats for decades.

Now it’s abandoned, empty and derelict.

Abandoned by the British government and owned by a former owner, Douglas Stekech Boatyard was a British naval and merchant shipyard.

It was founded by Sir Douglas St. Thomas, a British Navy Admiral and an admiral in the First World War.

The former shipyard had been abandoned since the end of the Second World War, when it was sold to a new owner, but it’s currently a derelict building, and the old owners have abandoned it.

A former director of the shipyard, Sir Richard Steckel, is currently living at the Stekches home.

A video shows the old building being razed by the demolition crews.

It’s currently on display in the British Museum.

It sits on the coast of the Channel.

The old building, built in 1876, was demolished by a demolition crew in 2016.

Derek Steckell, who manages the Stecks home, said he and his wife had never considered leaving the property.

He said he had planned to live there in the meantime, but his wife’s health deteriorated so he couldn’t be there when it went up in flames.

“I’d been working in the shipyards, and it was a place of constant challenge,” Derek Steckels son, Derek, said.

At first, the Stechks had no idea the site would be in such bad condition.

“I thought, if it’s all gone, it’s gone,” Derek said.

“We had no experience of this kind of a building.

We didn’t know what it was.”

In a letter to the Historic England website, the former director said the former owner “remains very reluctant to make any new inquiries.”

The former director also said there was no one else living at that property.

He said the owners had also failed to provide a plan for the demolition of the former ship yard and had failed to meet a number of other obligations.

Archaeologists from Historic England have been conducting work on the site.

In an email, they said it was “an important historical site that deserves more attention”.

The director, who declined to be interviewed, said the site is now “the home to many other historic buildings, which will have to be demolished to make way for the new building.”

“In the meantime we are taking on the task of preparing for the reconstruction of this former ship yards and it will be important to our future planning for the area,” he said.