How does a new president’s climate-change agenda stack up?

With President Donald Trump’s administration having taken the lead on issues ranging from the environment to national security, it’s no surprise that one of his first actions as president was to appoint the man who will spearhead the new administration’s agenda.

The president appointed climate-focused former Vice President Joe Biden to lead the transition team that will advise him on the country’s energy strategy, as well as its environmental and health policies.

Trump has also given top climate-policy adviser Scott Pruitt the power to choose EPA administrator and key advisors from within the White House.

He’s also given the head of the Environmental Protection Agency the ability to take the lead in crafting the Trump administration’s climate policies, with the help of former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

And now the Trump White House has appointed its first full-time climate adviser, Scott Pruitt, to serve as the Trump’s top environmental advisor, according to Politico.

Pruitt will take over the reins of the EPA from former EPA chief Gina McCarthy, who is stepping down in 2018.

Pruitt has been described as a climate hawk who is dedicated to “cutting red tape” and making sure regulations on carbon dioxide are met.

But his experience working for former President Barack Obama will give Pruitt an extensive background on the issue, as the two worked together on issues including clean energy, air pollution and mercury regulations in the Obama era.

He will be tasked with developing a new climate policy, which will outline a path forward for how the administration aims to address climate change, as outlined by the Paris climate agreement.

Trump appointed Pruitt to head the transition on climate policy after his appointment of former Vice president Joe Biden as his nominee to lead his EPA transition team.

The transition team will consist of six Cabinet members, plus Pruitt, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy and the White house’s senior adviser on energy and climate change.

The new EPA administrator, who will report directly to the president, is expected to be confirmed within the next month.

“Climate change is a major problem for America, and President-elect Trump has an excellent track record in getting things done on climate change,” McCarthy said in a statement.

“The Trump administration will be a major engine for bringing the nation to the table on climate.”

Pruitt, who served as the EPA administrator under Obama, was a key player in crafting regulations aimed at reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants, including the Clean Power Plan, which was approved in late 2017.

The plan aimed to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by as much as 80 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

The EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation issued a report earlier this year showing that it would cost the country $100 billion per year to comply with the plan, which is likely to be more expensive than the administration has said it will be.

Pruitt is expected under the new EPA to push for a return to a more aggressive coal-mining policy that was put into place under former President Bill Clinton.

Under Trump, he has also taken an aggressive stance against global warming, claiming that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese government to steal American jobs.

And as Trump prepares to announce his pick for the Supreme Court, the Supreme State of Texas, Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott has already announced his support for the nominee, who would have to pass through Senate confirmation.

“As the nation’s top law enforcement agency, Texas is committed to protecting our communities and upholding the Constitution,” Abbott said in his statement.