New Zealanders celebrate ‘young’ boatyard with boatyard tour

Youngsters are celebrating their new boats on the shoreline of a historic fishing town in New Zealand.

The town of Konos, in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand, is located in the heart of the North Island’s tidal lagoon.

Local residents were invited to the town to celebrate the boatyards history and celebrate with local fisherman.

The annual “boatyard tour” takes in the old shipyards and also offers a view of the local fishing community.

In 2016, the town hosted the largest fishing festival in the region.

Konus was also one of the first places in New England to offer boat repair services, including to the North East Coast, and a number of other communities have followed suit.

The boatyards are considered one of New England’s best fishing places.

They are a small community, and they have been a source of inspiration for many young people in the area.

The people of Kona have made the journey to celebrate their new-found success with a boatyard tourism event, and it’s a positive sign of how much the community is growing.

Kona is the largest island in New Hampshire.

It is home to the largest number of New Hampshire native salmon in the United States.

The fish is prized by fishermen for their delicacy, and there are even a few restaurants that cater to the customers.

KONOS Boatyard Tour in 2017 Kona Boatyard in 2017 The Kona Shipyard Tour offers visitors the opportunity to experience a little history in the town of one of England’s oldest and largest fishing communities.

The Kona boatyard is a great place to catch a glimpse of the people who have built this historic fishing community on the shores of the Bay Of Plenty.

We are proud to have hosted this year’s boatyard tours to Kona and will be continuing to do so as the tourism season continues in New York.