Philadelphians: Bags of sand will be used to repair boat yards

Bags are filled with sand, gravel, and other materials that can be used in boat repair projects.

However, Philadelphis Boatyard has partnered with some of the biggest names in the boat repair industry to offer the tools and materials to help repair their boat yards.

Here are the five boats that will be donating their boats for Philadelpha Boatyard’s efforts:Boatyard’s mission is to provide the most innovative boat repair solutions to communities across the globe.

The company was founded by Philadelpheans Bill and Janice Smith, who began their boat restoration business after their own family boat suffered damage in a storm.

Bill, a Navy Seal, and Janie have been working with boatyards for over 35 years.

Bill and Janine began building boats in 1983 and have since built more than 70 boats.

The couple now owns Boatyard and owns a boatyard in California, and have also worked with boat yards in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey.

Bill has a Ph.

D. in mechanical engineering and has been a professor of marine engineering at the University of California at Davis since 2007.

The couple is not only dedicated to restoring boats but also to the people who work on them.

Bill and his wife Janice have a daughter, who has a degree in engineering.

The Smiths say their goal is to inspire young people to take a different approach to life.

Boatyards in Philadelphi are a great place to work.

You can find boatyards in various states and cities, and the facilities are clean, well maintained, and safe for the people in the shop.

Some of the best and most innovative ship repair services are located in the area, so if you are in the Philadelpines, you should check out Boatyards of Philadelphia.