US Coast Guard’s first boat to sink in Lake Pontchartrain was towed off after 16 hours of heavy seas

The US Coast Guardship Pettis Boatyard is expected to depart for Lake Pontblanche to help tackle the waters of the St. Lawrence River.

The vessel, a 20-foot-long hulled water-skiing boat called the Pettisa, was launched by the Coast Guard on Saturday, a US Coastguard spokesman told ABC News.

“The Pettissas vessel is currently moored in the lake,” the spokesman said.

“It’s not expected to be there for a while.”

The Pettís boatyard has operated out of a pier at the former Naval Shipyard and Shipbuilding Center, now the Naval Shipyards and St. Louis Shipbuilding Company.

It is not the first boatyard to operate out of the old shipyard.

The former Marine Corps Air Station on the Mississippi River was decommissioned in 2005.

A year later, the Navy transferred control of the Navy’s shipbuilding plant from the Navy to the Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps is the Navy.

The Paternissas new location at the Mississippi is about two hours from the Gulf of Mexico.

“Pettissi” is the French word for “ship,” and the name of a shipyard owned by the French company, Paternis.

It’s not yet known when the Paternistes boatyard will be operational.

It will be anchored in the Mississippi at the Stairway Bay, about 15 miles east of New Orleans, the spokesman told the Associated Press.

The Coast Guard is also deploying its emergency response team to Lake Pontbank to help with the response to the storm.