What you need to know about the new offshore boat yard in Kingston

Kingston is an ambitious city, with a history of shipping in its past and a rich history of industry.

But its newest project, a giant offshore facility, is the latest of a string of new projects to be constructed there.

The $8.8 billion project, dubbed the Crown Dock, is being built to help grow Kingston’s maritime industry.

Crown Dock will create about 30,000 jobs at its five-year opening.

The project will include a new port facility, a new ferry terminal and the creation of two new berths for vessels to accommodate the new ships.

The new facility will be open for business in 2022.

A major new waterfront development in Sydney’s west will be announced in January, with the opening of a new harbour, a port and an office complex.

The construction of the harbour will include the construction of an Olympic-sized sports centre.

The construction of a $3.2 billion new residential tower in Melbourne’s north will be completed in the first half of 2019.

The building will include an 800-room hotel and a 300-room residential tower.

The tower is designed to be fully self-contained, with all the usual features, including the required fire-resistance.

Construction of a major new highway is scheduled to begin in 2019 in the Melbourne suburb of Redfern, with completion to be achieved by 2021.

The highway is part of the $2.6 billion development of the North Melbourne waterfront, which will be designed to provide a more modern urban environment and will include hotels, offices, retail and residential.

In Sydney’s north-west, a major development is planned to open in 2019 for a $1.9 billion shopping precinct, the first major development to be opened in the city in decades.

The development is expected to be the world’s largest mixed-use development, including a new supermarket, a shopping centre and office towers.

Sydney’s central business district will be transformed by the construction this year of a five-storey shopping mall and a retail complex in a former office park on the site of the old City of Sydney building.

The mall is expected open in 2020.

One of Australia’s largest public art projects is being completed in Adelaide’s west, which includes a new public art installation in the central shopping district, and the construction is set to begin this year.

There will be several new projects planned in the next decade.

A new ferry facility in Townsville, which is being developed by the Australian Marine Industries Authority, will open this year and has been dubbed the Dock of the Future.

An expansion of the world-renowned RSPB in Adelaide will open in the second half of 2020, with an expansion of its marine reserve and a new marine museum to be built in the northern suburb of Morningside.

Australian Ports Minister Richard Wynne is due to unveil plans for the expansion of Darwin’s port, which has been the main hub of Australian shipping in recent years, including major projects such as the Port of Newcastle.

More than 50 per cent of the country’s offshore supply ships, including more than 5,000 oil tankers, are set to leave the country this year, as the global economy struggles to catch up with demand.