What’s the best way to get a boatyard to accept Bitcoin?

A couple of years ago, a Bitcoin enthusiast started an online campaign to get Bitcoin-accepting boatyards to accept the digital currency.

But the campaign failed, and it seems like that might be the case with some of the more prominent boatyard operators out there.

Now, though, that’s starting to change.

A group of Bitcoin enthusiasts has started a campaign called Boatyard Acceptance Network (BAN) to help other Bitcoiners get their boatsyard owners to accept digital currency for payments.

The campaign has now been picked up by the Bitcoin community, which has now started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the effort.

According to the website, “BAN is the largest Bitcoin community-based crowdfunding campaign on the web, and we’re doing it because Bitcoin is about the future and people like Bitcoin are the future of money.”

“It’s not about a ‘pay what you want’ system, it’s about an open, decentralised network of people who are willing to pay for what they want,” the group wrote.

“The BAN platform allows people to send their bitcoins directly to their favorite boatyard, without worrying about their privacy, and with no additional fees, to be used in a transparent way.”

We’re excited to help to start the next wave of digital money in the boatyards,” the campaign concluded.”

It is our hope that the Bitcoin world will be a better place when we all use Bitcoin as payment, instead of relying on banks and credit card companies for every transaction.

We will not stop until Bitcoin is accepted everywhere, not just in the Bitcoin-friendly parts of the world, but in all the world.