Why I stopped eating fish

When you have a good idea, you don’t stop.

That’s what I did when I first started writing for the blog.

The idea came from a trip I took to Thailand in 2010.

It was a short, two-week trip to a fish farm in southern Thailand.

The farm was a giant warehouse full of all sorts of things.

We had a couple of guys from my local fish farm, who were working in a different kind of factory, and we spent a lot of time at the factory.

The fish was in the freezer, and there were tons of fish floating in the water.

So we spent some time out there, taking photos of fish, taking lots of pictures of fish.

One day, one of the guys came in and said, “Hey, are you guys all right?

Do you guys need a break?”

I said, yeah, we’re all right.

He said, I’ll take a break.

He was sitting in the back of a car with his laptop, just watching us.

And I said to him, “What are you doing there?”

And he said, Well, I’m here to make sure I get my paycheck.

And then he goes, “Do you guys have any idea how hard this job is?”

And I’m like, “Well, it’s really, really hard.”

He goes, Yeah, I got a real good idea.

I said okay, what about the other guys?

I said I’m gonna give this guy a break, but if he’s gonna keep coming in, I gotta go get him.

And that was that.

It became kind of like a routine, I was going to the fish farm all the time.

But then one day I was in Thailand, and the factory was closing down.

And there was a big hole in the factory floor, so I went out and went in there and built the factory out.

It’s the kind of thing that I do on a regular basis, and I did it for about six months.

I built the facility, I built everything, and then I built out the warehouse.

So, basically, the fish was the building.

I went in to the warehouse, and all the fish were there.

And they had all sorts, like, giant racks, and it was kind of a huge, weird place.

And we were working on this project, and one day the guy who was working at the warehouse came over and told me, “You know, I can see you guys working hard, right?”

I was like, Yeah.

He went over and started filming me.

And he came over to me and said something to the effect of, “I think you’re doing really well.”

And I was just like, Okay.

I’m doing really good.

And so he said I have this thing that we have to make.

And at that point, I think it’s kind of been five years since I’ve eaten fish.

I think I’m probably a little bit out of my depth there.

But I just thought, Yeah!

I gotta start eating fish again.

And the next time I was there, I had a little kid, and he asked me, What is the best thing you can make for him?

I was thinking about the fish warehouse and the warehouse fish, and this was kind, like my thing.

It just came to me.

So I went over to the factory and made this whole thing.

And it’s the thing that’s got me into this business, right?

And it took about six years to make it.

It took six years, but it was worth it.

The warehouse fish is something that I’m still really, truly obsessed with.

It has to do with how I make the fish, because I have a pretty specific process.

I’ll go through it and see what I need to make, and if I need a different way of making it, I have to change the process.

The way that I make it is like this: I get the fish out of the cage, I get it in a box, I bring it up to the kitchen, I put it on the stove and cook it.

And when I’m done, I go to the freezer and I put the freezer bag on top of it.

So if you’re not used to the idea of eating fish, that’s really exciting.

And you just want to see how you do it, you want to watch it go, and you want the food to come out.

I love it.

I still cook it every single day.

It takes about 20 minutes to cook it, and that’s because I don’t have to go through the freezer.

I just put it in the kitchen and then when I go out, I just get a bowl, a pot, and a bowl of rice and stir it in.

And once you get the rice, it just just cooks in the microwave for like an hour, and after an hour you just throw it out.

And, you know, it still tastes great. I’ve