Abandoned boatyard owner says he’ll build ‘back to back’ homes on property

Owner of a small boatyard in New York City says he will build three homes on his property next year, adding a fourth on his own lot.

“I am going to build back to back,” said Jim Fischler, who owns the Brooklin Boat Yard.

“So if I build it one on one, I’ll build it two on one.

If I build one on three, I won’t build it three on one.”

The four homes he will erect on his 10,000 square foot lot are on the eastern edge of the property he owns.

“It’s my land, and I own it,” he said.

“And I’m not going to let someone take it from me.

And I’m very excited about it.”

Fischlers boatyard, in the Bronx, has been abandoned for a number of years.

He is considering building another one, but he plans to keep the property at its current footprint, which is a large, low-slung building.

“My family has always been supportive of me and my business,” Fischllers son, David, said.

But Fischls plans for his new home are much different than those of other New Yorkers.

“The first thing we have to do is get our building permits, and then we’re going to have to build two houses,” he explained.

“We’ll have a total of six houses.”

Fichlers plans to put the new homes on private lots in nearby Brookline.

He said he is open to a $1.4 million offer for the property.

“But the price tag is going to be a little higher than that,” Fichler said.

The construction is not expected to be finished until next summer, and the construction could take up to a year to complete.