Balmaha boats, Balmahas boats, yachtyard on sale

Balmahs boatyard is selling its fleet of boats to a company that plans to build a luxury yacht on its properties in the Balmazes Bay area.

The company is called Daedalus Boatyard and has set the price at $1.3 million.

The boats will be delivered in 2020.

The Balmaias, which is owned by the Balmer family, was built in 1901, according to its website.

The owners have put up a $600,000 deposit for the project.

It will take about two years to build the boatyard.

It has been open since 2014 and is the largest private yachtyard in the country.

The boatyard will build a five-metre luxury yacht.

Balmauas owners said the company will have the rights to operate the yacht in the ocean, and there will be a separate pool.

“We will build the vessel in a way that is sustainable, where we do not have any impact on the environment,” said Daedus owner and chief executive John Balmer.

“This is a boatyard that has never built a yacht before.

We are going to build it in a safe, environmentally sound and sustainable way.”

Mr Balmer said he was proud to own the Balmaras boatyard and that he had built the boatyards largest and most luxurious yacht, the Blueberry.

The Blueberry was the first of a number of boats built at Balmama, which were sold off by the company.

The Balmara family has a large property portfolio in the area, including an eight-bedroom house in the Bayview neighbourhood, the Balmers’ Balmamoa estate, and two homes.

“The Balmarahs are one of the most famous families in Melbourne,” Mr Balmer told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They’ve got great heritage and heritage-rich properties all across Melbourne, but also some great heritage boats.”

Our family has built a few of these in the past, but we have built many boats in the community over the years.

“The Balmer’s boatyard was closed in January this year.”

There was a huge amount of work that had to be done with the waterway being closed for maintenance and that meant the boatbuilding work was suspended and the work that was being done in the boats was being suspended,” Mr Daedas said.”

That meant we were going to have to put all the boat building work on hold for a while.

“Mr Daedes boatyard has had a long relationship with Balmamias owners, having worked together on several of Balmamas boats and at a number that had gone into the water.”

It has been an incredible partnership that we have had over the past 20 or 30 years,” Mr Sorensen said.

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