How to get to the New Zealand CBD from Sydney

From the Sydney CBD to the CBD to Bondi Beach, Australia’s CBDs are packed full of people trying to get home.

There are plenty of options for those wanting to get away from it all.

The best way to get there?

By boat.

But this weekend, there’s a new breed of luxury boat owner who’s taking the hassle out of sailing the Sydney Harbour.

On Monday morning, the boatyard in Melbourne’s CBD will open its doors to the public for a five-day cruise, with all-you-can-eat meals and cocktails.

“The aim is to create a little bit of excitement,” said James Hines, CEO of the Sydney Harbor Boatyard, which is currently owned by the Melbourne-based Ocean Group.

“If you’re going to the ocean, it’s a little more romantic.”

Hines is a seasoned sailor, having been involved in more than 500 voyages on boats across the globe, from luxury yachts to cruise ships, and has been sailing for more than 20 years.

He said he’s not exactly the most experienced sailor in the business.

But the excitement is good.

“It’s definitely an opportunity to have fun, to enjoy the ocean,” he said.

For one week, the Ocean Group will offer a range of delicious meals and snacks, including lobster rolls, crab cakes and the traditional sea urchin pie, as well as the traditional lobster roll with a homemade sauce.

It’s not a big boat, but Hines said the experience was worth the money.

“You get to enjoy some really great food and drinks, it takes away the stress and makes you feel good,” he told Business Insider.

There will be two days, one in the morning and one in a relaxed evening time, with a buffet lunch at the boatyards bar.

The boatyard’s food menu will include:A lobster roll at Ocean Group’s Brunswick Bay, with lobster bisque, smoked salmon, and house-made lobster sauce.

The lobster roll will cost $20 per person, with two-and-a-half lobster rolls per person.

The Brunswick Bay lobster roll is $20, while the smoked salmon will be $35 per person with two sides and one side of the salmon is $10.

The Crab cakes will be served at Ocean’s Brunswick Beach restaurant, with the crab cakes $5.

The Ocean Group seafood menu will feature the Lobster Roll, the Lobsters, the Crab Cake, and the Lobstache.

The crab cakes will cost about $10 for two.

The menu will be available until June 8, with seafood and desserts to be available on June 15.

Hines said there was a lot of work involved in getting the Ocean group up and running, and he was very impressed with the response.

“We’ve got a pretty busy schedule this year, but we’ve got loads of staff to keep us going, and a good amount of people who have been here for a long time,” he added.

“People love going to these boats.”

The Ocean group also has a range from charter boats to full-size, privately owned vessels.

It has boats on both the water and land.

For the day, there will be a boat for people to rent for up to two nights.

The cost of the rental is $70 per person per night, with accommodation included.

The cruise ship will be open to the general public on June 14, with meals and drinks available.

The company is not making a profit, but it is offering to make the trip free for people who rent out the boat.

“They’re also looking to make sure they’re keeping a healthy and fun, enjoyable boat, so we’re offering that free for those who rent it out,” Hines told Business Insiders.

Ocean Group will also be making a special offer to those who stay in the boat and take a look around.

“For a limited time, people can rent out a boat to come and tour the ship and take photos,” Hins said.

“These are the first private cruises in the city, so there’s no advertising or anything.”

Hills said he hopes people will enjoy the experience and see the value of the company’s work.

“There’s not many people who will go on private cruisers and have that much fun, and that’s what this is all about,” he explained.

“So we’ve just got to make it as good as we can, and we’ll make sure we make the most of it.”

For more information, visit Ocean Group website.

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