Which beach is the best?

The biggest beach in the world is located on a rocky beach just outside of Melbourne.

The area is known as Balmaha and is home to a lot of marine life, including whale sharks.

The beach has been closed to the public since February because of a health hazard.

It has been declared closed to all but a select few, including those who have been allowed in.

Here are some facts about Balmahas beaches.


The sand has a very low average density.

The average sand density is 0.083 grams per cubic metre.

In other words, the average sand is just a little less dense than your typical sand.

This means it is a very good place to swim in a calm, sunny day.

The beaches of Balmawahas have been designated as a beach for whale sharks because of the high density of the sand.


It’s an extremely popular spot for fishing and boating.

In the last few years, boat owners and operators have come to Balmamahas to take advantage of the beautiful beaches.

According to marine mammal expert Dr. Richard McElroy, the number of whale sharks has increased by about 80 per cent since the 1970s, as people have become more aware of whale shark habitats and the health hazards associated with them.


It is an ideal place for people who are looking to relax or for people looking for a place to spend a weekend.

Balmamas beaches have been dubbed the ‘Best Beach in the World’.

The beaches are also home to several of Australia’s most famous restaurants and hotels.


The ocean is a beautiful place to live in Balmamenas waters.

There are many species of marine mammals living in the waters of Balmaras waters, including the rare and endangered Australian white shark.


Balmarahas has a beautiful beach and many other beach features, including an underwater lagoon and a lagoon area with tidal pools and a surf beach.


Balmeras boat yard has been a favourite for boat owners who love to see their boats in Balms waters.

It can be a little intimidating for boaters, especially when they’re new to the waters, but the owners have all been very friendly and welcoming.


Balmaas is a small town and Balmahanas is one of the smaller towns in the area.

Balmusa, Balmana and Balmera are all around 40 kilometres south of Melbourne and around two hours drive from Melbourne.


The local tourism agency, Tourism Victoria, said that tourism in Balmerahas is on the rise, and there is a strong need for the community to get involved in the tourism industry.

There has been an increase in tourists since the closure of the beach and the local government wants people to get to know the area and its natural resources.


You can even take a whale shark tour.

There is an underwater swimming area that is the perfect place to take a dolphin-watching cruise.


The city of Balmanas, located on the eastern shore of Balmeraa, has a population of just over 200.

They have many beaches and have a number of attractions, including a number beach cafes and a popular dolphin-touring beach.


You don’t need a boat to get there.

Balms beach is a popular destination for holidaymakers.

The most popular holiday destination in Balmanaa is the Balmama Beach and is also a popular holiday spot for people wanting to get away from the crowds and spend time with their family and friends.