When is it OK to tow an over-sized canoe?

With the season now officially underway and the season starting to get serious, a new debate has begun.

Will you tow an oversized canoe?

It’s a question that many people will ask themselves.

It’s one that has divided kayakers and canoeists.

What is the right size to tow?

And is it worth it?

This is a great time to revisit this question.

What are the rules?

The most important rules for the kayaker are: 1.

Always try to tow the boat as much as possible.

Don’t try to pull it under, or try to turn it around, or turn it in a certain direction.

Always be aware of what is happening on the water and how you are affecting the boat.


Be aware of your ability to turn the boat and how much it is moving.


Always steer clear of the boat’s hull and try to steer away from it. 4.

When you’re on the edge of the tow line, look around.

This can help you make sure your paddlers aren’t interfering with your turn.

If you see something that looks like it could be a safety hazard, you must steer the boat away.


When the canoe is at a complete stop, you should look around and see if anyone is trying to tow it.

If someone is trying, pull the canoe in the same direction you did the previous turn.

Don’s advice on what to do: Always try and tow as much of the water as possible, and never try to move the boat in a way that might endanger yourself.

You don’t want to be the one who puts your life in danger.

The rules of the road are also important when it comes to over-towing.

The bigger the canoe, the more you have to pull.

The smaller the canoe the more time you have, and the less time you can spend moving.

So, don’t try and get as much length out of your canoe as possible by pulling it.

You should also look for people who are willing to do the work for you.

If they are willing, try to get a boat on a boat, a small boat, or even a larger boat.

The best advice for those who have had a lot of experience, is to keep your eyes on the road and be aware.

If it is a busy weekend, you might want to make your own rules.

And don’t forget to bring your own safety gear, like a boat trailer, to help you.