How one of the world’s most dangerous waters became a haven for pirates

New Jersey state officials are investigating whether a private dockyard in the city of Ashby is one of several offshore marine sites that have become havens for pirates.The owner of the dockyard, Svensons Boat Yard, is being investigated by the state for the alleged use of private contractors for illegal and unsanctioned activity.The New Jersey […]

How much will you pay to watch a football game on a cable box?

The cheapest cable box to watch any football game is now on sale at the Concordia Boat Yard, in Sydney’s west, for $2.35 million.The $2,000 box can be watched from a dock, with a capacity of 1,200 cubic metres.The dock is on the south side of the dockyard.The Concordia is the first Sydney harbour to […]

What you need to know about the new offshore boat yard in Kingston

Kingston is an ambitious city, with a history of shipping in its past and a rich history of industry.But its newest project, a giant offshore facility, is the latest of a string of new projects to be constructed there.The $8.8 billion project, dubbed the Crown Dock, is being built to help grow Kingston’s maritime industry.Crown […]

The story of the windmill in Fairhaven

By Mike WhelanThe story of how a windmill built in Fairhope, Nova Scotia, became the centerpiece of a community’s revitalization efforts in the town of Windsor is now part of a national project.The windmill, constructed in 1927, is now the centrepiece of a revitalization effort for Windsor.A team of students, local and national environmental groups, […]

Development Is Supported By

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